Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging App Update

When I hopped on my Surface this morning, I noticed there was an update available to the Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging app. I love getting updates, particularly to core system apps that I use every day. I wanted to know what actually changed, though!

I headed to the internet and found this post from on the Windows Experience Blog. It’s got the information I was looking for, but it wasn’t in the format I wanted. I just wanted a bulleted list, not a narrative about how apps can be used that I need to read through to pick out changes. So, I’ve done the legwork for you—here’s what’s new.

  • Filter mail to see only unread emails
  • Create and delete mail folders
  • Select all mail items in a folder and move or delete them
  • Flag emails
  • “Smart contact suggestions” in the To line when composing emails
  • Draft messages show at the top of inbox
  • Add, edit, and delete hyperlinks and edit numbered or bulleted lists in emails
  • Search server email messages
  • View Exchange details for contacts
  • Solid blocks of color removed from calendar; now colored bar is used to determine which calendar
  • “Work week” view added to calendar
  • Forward invitations and email all attendees from calendar
  • Improved navigation in people app by swiping from the top
  • Filter “What’s New” by source (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)

The article makes it sound like there may be more than this, but these were the changes that I’m now aware of. Let me know if there’s more that I missed.

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