Fix OCS 2007 R2 Integration with Outlook 2013 Preview

As noted last week, I installed the Office 2013 Preview and was generally excited about it except for the fact that I wasn’t getting any presence information for contacts from Lync. I assumed this was because I was using an unsupported configuration with my 2010 Lync client connecting to an OCS 2007 server.

I decided that Office 2013 was more important than Lync 2010 and reverted to OCS 2007 in hopes that it would fix my woes, but it did not. After a bit of Googling and tinkering, though, I was able to find a solution to get things back on track.

There’s a registry key that lets Outlook know what the default IM provider is, and this value was set to Lync on my workstation. In looking at the two sub-keys, I could see “Lync” and “Communicator.” So, I took a guess and changed the value to “Communicator,” restarted Outlook, and–voila–I was in business!

Here’s the full registry key and value that I changed to fix it:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers]

Just as a recap, here’s what I had going on:

  • 32-bit Office 2010 w/ Lync 2010 client and this registry hack¬†on 64-bit Win7
  • Upgraded to 32-bit Office 2013 Preview
  • Uninstalled Lync 2010, installed Communicator 2007 R2
  • Removed the aforementioned registry hack
  • Made the registry changed noted above
  • Restarted Outlook, restarted Communicator

Update 10/26/2012:
I upgraded to the RTM version today, and OCS 2007 R2 is still functional.

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