Awesome, Free Software: Core FTP

I had to do some testing for a project that uploads its payload via SFTP. I wanted to setup a basic, no-frills SFTP server that could accept my files. I did a quick Google search and found Core FTP Server–a free download. After about 2 minutes of configuration, I had my SFTP server up & running; it was fantastic.

I also see that they have a free mini sftp server that’s available. It’s a no-install, one-user, one-directory SFTP server, and IT WORKS AWESOMELY! This might be my new favorite way to securely transfer files between sites!

Core FTP Server

SFTP Access with SharpSSH

A project that I was working on required the use of SFTP to transfer some files. I was surprised to find that there seemed to be no support for this anywhere in the .net Framework. After Googling around for a bit, I found a nice open source project called SharpSSH.

SharpSSH was surprisingly easy to use and worked great! I was able to SFTP a file in 4 lines of code:

SshTransferProtocolBase sshCp = new Sftp("", "ftp", "ftp123");
sshCp.Put("c:\\testdoc.txt", "test123.txt");

This was exactly what I was looking for: a simple, lightweight SFTP library. I added some exception handling and logging, removed my hard-coded values with user-defined settings, and called it a day!


freeSSHd (a free SFTP server)

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