Get Work Item Hyperlinks from the TFS SDK

So you’ve created an awesome application that uses the TFS SDK to do all kinds of amazing and interesting data access, but it sure would be nice if you could click on a work item and open it in Team Web Access. You’d think this would be easily accomplished by appending “id=123” to the end of a query string. It’s not quite that straightforward, but the TFS SDK makes it pretty simple.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Add the appropriate TFS SDK references
    • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client
    • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common
    • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client
  2. Instantiate a TfsTeamProjectCollection
  3. Retrieve the hyperlink service from the team project collection object
  4. Retrieve the hyperlink from the hyperlink service by providing a work item ID

Here’s what the code will look like:

var tpc = new TfsTeamProjectCollection(
    new Uri("http://OurTfsServer:8080/tfs/OurCollection"));
var linkService = tpc.GetService();
var uri = linkService.GetWorkItemEditorUrl(workItemId);
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