Find the Best Wifi Channel with Meraki Wifi Stumbler

Recently, I’ve been having network connectivity issues at home. Browsing the internet is generally fine, but if I try to stream a video or play games online, I have disruptions every few minutes. One of the suggestions that I got from Comcast was that there might be interference on the wireless channel that my router is using.

I’m not wireless pro, but that seemed like a reasonable thing to check out. Before arbitrarily picking a different channel, I wanted to see what other wireless networks around me were using. After a quick or search or two, I found a free wireless analyzer called Meraki WiFi Stumbler.


WiFi Stumber is a simple app that gives you basic details about the wireless networks that can be found. It’s easy to see the signal strength, encryption, and–what I was looking for–channel. Using the app, I did a quick scan to determine a channel that wasn’t being used by one of my neighbors and plugged it into my router. Now I can check wireless interference off my list of possible culprits!


Connectify Mobile Hotspot

A friend and I wanted to play a LAN game at work using our Kindle Fires. The problem is that Kindle Fire is wifi-only, and we didn’t have a wireless network available. First we tried using our Android phones. (In retrospect, this would’ve worked, but we unknowingly had different versions of the game.) The next thing I tried was to find software that would allow me to use my laptop as a mobile hotspot. And that’s when I found a great little application called Connectify.

With Connectify, you create a virtual hotspot that you can connect your devices to. You can choose to share your internet connection–an AMAZING feature for Kindle Fire owners–or simply act as a local network. For my LAN gaming needs, we chose to create a non-internet-sharing hotspot, and it worked fantastically. You can use the application for free or upgrade to the Pro version for $30 to get some additional functionality.

I definitely recommend checking it out!

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